COSTA RICA COBBING...In the summer of 2006 I was invited to come to Costa Rica to instruct a workshop. These are a few of the photos of the experience there.

Bamboo pole Building Materials

We used these amazing bamboo poles for the infrastructure of the roof. Wow, these sure are lighter than our Northwest Fir Poles and the strength of them is incomparable as well. Bamboo is one of the strongest building materials I have run across. Of course you have to live in the tropics to have this be a building resource that makes sense. Trucking materials long distances is counter productive to creating a building from the native local resources.


Building cob in a Costa Rica was an inspiring and community building undertaking.

Once the roofing poles were in place away we went. This much wall was built in a couple of days. What an amazing energetic enthusiastic group!

Building Site: We had buckets . . . many buckets for the only carrying device . . . we carried all the water, all the dirt, all the etc. Blessed be for the invention of the wheelbarrow. Draging materials on a tarp can work well too however tarps were at a minimum in this location as well.


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